Life for me is a constant unfolding of new understandings about myself and the people within it and how we are all essentially, totally amazing human beings.

Who I know myself to be now is a vast contrast to who I thought I was several years ago. Life for me now is all about humanity and my place within it.

Choosing a very simple, more harmonious and connected flow in how I am with myself and how I move within what I do from my living, loving way, making it all about the quality I move in and the presence I hold.

Taking responsibility for my own self care and self love, is an absolute joy and something that I am learning to surrender into and deepen, more and more, as this for me is a vital part of my role as a practitioner and what level of care I can offer my clients.

I have found the simpler we make our  lives,  the more space there is for us to feel and know, that we are so much more than our minds will allow us to know.  It's quite brilliant actually, to think that our own loving quality and how we move in that quality, is the key to who we will be, and choosing to live with presence and true care, supports that so beautifully.

Over the last 8 years I started re-building a relationship with myself through experiencing the Esoteric Healing Modalities presented by Universal Medicine ( or

This journey has inspired me to study and offer these modalities to others, as I know firsthand how they compliment the body so beautifully with bringing the body  back to it's natural rhythm and flow, and confirming our true quality of being.